We can offer you the following payment options:

1. payment in cash;

2. payment by a bank card;

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Maestro cards. In order to pay by your bank card, you should notice our sales manager about it in advance (before ordering execution).

Please pay attention to the following payment rules related to the usage of the bank card:

  • Only the cardholder can make payment by card, the card can’t be used by any other individual;
  • The cardholder should show an identification document with a photo and a sample of his or her signature;
  • The last name on the card should match the last name in the passport;
  • The validity period should be correct at the time of payment;
  • The cardholder should be ready to enter his or her PIN;
  • Keep the receipt!
  • 3. payment on credit;

    We help to take out a loan for the purchase of construction materials in several banks.

    4. non-cash payment.

    You can request our account details from our sales managers.


Delivery within the limits of the city is FREE of charge if the order amount is 10,000 rubles and more. Lifting of tiles and flooring materials is also FREE of charge. The terms of delivery are to be agreed in advance with the manager who monitors the order. Delivery out of the city limits should be discussed individually.


1. Construction materials on credit.

Purchase of construction materials on credit is traditionally regarded as an additional convenience for the buyer, which allows you to buy the necessary goods immediately without having to save up for them for a long time. Materials-on-credit service is not only convenient, but in many cases it is also profitable. The point is that the market of construction materials is usually characterized by a high volatility, and prices within a short period of time may remarkably fluctuate. The use of borrowed money allows you to purchase construction materials at today's prices. The usual accumulation of savings in the conditions of rapid change of prices can become an unprofitable project, while credit scheme allows fixing the price at the current level.

In order to simplify the purchase of finishing materials and make it more convenient for you, we are ready to offer various credit schemes. Just as in case of usual consumer credits there are several banks that could help with it.

2. 3D visualization of the project.

3D visualization of the premises interior may be of interest to both performers and customers of design projects. Three-dimensional modeling of the premises interior can help to illustrate all the client's requirements. 3D visualization service is provided for FREE if you purchase tiles in our showroom. To create a model of the interior you simply need to select the collection of ceramic tiles and provide the size of your room.

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